Production Services

We are a group of seasoned drone operators, cinematographers, and camera technicians who fly drones for feature films, narrative TV, documentaries and commercials. Our drones were some of the first to fly on closed set studio productions. We know how to work with producers, directors and DPs to get stunning shots with the highest quality. And we do it efficiently. We bring an essential mix of experience, skill, creativity, and discipline to deliver optimal results. It is not a job. It is a passion.

Fully FAA certificated pilots, insured for $5M, multiple pre-approved local area waivers and authorizations (LA, Atlanta, NYC). Complete support for production planning including scouting, permitting, insurance, and airspace authorization processes. Documented operating procedures and safety processes. Compliance and safety are built-in to our process. IATSE Local 600 drone crews available.

Stock Footage

We have a curated collection of drone stock footage of over 500 different locations across Los Angeles and Atlanta. The aerial library covers iconic city establishing shots, landmarks, public arts and points of interest across Los Angeles, Atlanta, as well as Las Vegas and Detroit, and other locations. We are constantly adding more content.

Our drone stock footage is filmed on Super 35 and Micro 4/3 cameras in RAW and ProRes 422HQ at 4K, 5K and 6K. We provide an online catalog for your post-production team to download proxies and bring them into their edit. Hi-res selects can be delivered usually within 24 hours.

Should you have specific needs for your aerial footage, we can provide commissioned shots by request. We also work with VFX houses to get them aerial VFX plates and shots that match their specific needs. VFX footage can be provided in full RAW 5K-6K.

Recent Film and Television Projects

Raising Dion (2019), All American (2019), Snowfall (2017-), Insecure (2017-), Superfly (2018), Skin In The Game (2019), The Nice Guys (2016), Goliath (2016-), Shut Eye (2016), Colony (2016), Skid Row Marathon (2017), Hermanos (2018), The Mandela Effect (2018), Stars 80 (2017), MotorTrend Ignition (2018)

Select Clients

Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Studios, FX, Sony Pictures, CBS, ABC, Warner Brothers, Major League Baseball, LA2028 Olympic Committee, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Mistress, 72andSunny, KTLA, MotorTrend, The Broad, Center Theater Group, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota, John Deere


Great Shots, Small Package
We fly the DJI Inspire 2 with the X5S and X7 cameras more often than any other drone. We use them on-set and for aerial library footage. They’re small and feature an integrated HD downlink and camera control. And the cameras deliver exceptional quality, with 13 and 14 stops at 5K (12-bit) and 6K (14-bit) resolutions respectively in either RAW or ProRes formats.

Set up to carry the ARRI Alexa Mini or the RED Weapon/Helium, these X8 drones can fully match your ground cameras. A wide variety of lens and mounts exist including Zeiss primes and Anginieux anamorphic lenses. This platform incorporates a 1080p HD downlink, FIZ, camera control and is operated by a 3 person team consisting of a drone pilot, camera operator, and first AC.

Fast Pursuit Drones
These are custom designed platforms capable of producing high quality 4K footage at speeds up to 100MPH and operating in close proximity to vehicles or other objects. They have the smoothness of a drone but produce footage that feels like flying. These are capable of carrying a variety of micro 4/3rds based camera systems and lenses.

Drones on Wheels
Some people show up to set with the bare minimum of equipment. We do the opposite. In order to accommodate any eventuality, we bring fully redundant spare drones along with tools, cables, replacement parts and equipment.

On-Set Essentials
Along with the drones, we bring large field monitors that provide a real-time view of the shot for both the camera operator and director/DP as well as feeds for the video village. To be efficient on-set, we use customized Inovativ carts.

Everything Else
From custom cases that carry media shuttles or charging equipment to a selection of purpose built camera control systems to a selection of tools and spare parts, we carry a lot of specialized equipment that through years of experience make the difference between good and great.

Stock Footage Samples

A small sample of some of the footage that is available in our curated library of drone stock footage of Los Angeles and Atlanta. We have drone footage of sweeping skylines, neighborhoods, iconic locations, highways, bridges, city streets, night, day, sunset. If you have a film, television or commercial production seeking drone stock footage, please contact us for access to the full searchable online library.

A small sample of our vast library of aerial drone stock footage of Los Angeles daytime. Over 300 different locations across LA.

A sample of recent Los Angeles drone stock footage taken at night, dusk and dawn. This is from our online aerial stock footage library of over 300 locations in Los Angeles.

A high-speed drone tour over the recent California wildflower super bloom in the Antelope Valley. This is the one time drone shadows are cool!

An aerial journey by drone across Los Angeles from dusk until dawn.

A sample of the Atlanta drone stock footage available in our online library which features over 50 different locations.

In 2013, I first flew a drone in downtown Los Angeles and edited the footage into a video. This video is a recent fresh take on that video.

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Silly Goose Media is based in Los Angeles, CA with regional production offices in Atlanta, GA and New York, New York.


Phone: +1 310 776-5266