Aerial Production Services • Aerial Stock Footage
FAA Certified Section 333 & Part 107 • Closed Set
Aerial Production On-set expertise
Helping directors and cinematographers tell their story from unique perspectives. Closed set FAA certified, insured and production experienced.
Aerial Stock LA, Las Vegas, Detroit
An expansive catalog of aerial B roll covering iconic landmarks and location agnostic establishing shots. Multiple licensing options are available.
Customers Film and TV
HBO, WB, Fox/FX, Sony, NBC, ABC, CBS, Amazon, Hulu, ILM, Picrow, Minim, Silver Pictures, 72 and Sunny, Partizan, Capitol, KTLA, MotorTrend, The Broad, City of LA.
Aerial Equipment Alexa, RED, X5R, X5S
Alexa Mini, RED Helium, Zeiss primes, Freefly and custom X8 heavy lifters. DJI Inspire 1 and 2, X5R and X5S.